There are often watch fans who ask how to choose an entry-level mechanical watch, in fact, it is also very simple, after fixing their budget, pick the corresponding brand in the more classic and representative, the function of the basic simple models can be. Then why is the basic function of the model, because too complex will not play very easy to mess up, later advanced and then play complex models is not too late.

1, Cartier blue balloon

Speaking of the Cartier Blue Balloon may be a lot of people who understand the table will begin to spit, this table is also recommended to start? Of course, although the Blue Balloon is often criticized for its movement, but in terms of appearance the Blue Balloon is definitely a very successful watch, is to eat by the face, not to be convinced can not.

The watch is made of 316L stainless steel and has a diameter of 42mm, with a large three hands in the centre of the dial,replica cartier watches a calendar at 3 o’clock, Roman numerals and an arched sapphire crystal (with a fisheye effect), and is equipped with a Seagull 2824 automatic movement with a stainless steel strap.

2、Longines Double Calendar Masterpiece

The Longines of yesteryear was really quite brilliant, although nowadays it is forced to lower the grade, but Longines is still the best in its class, in the 20,000 yuan level Longines is almost unbeatable existence, the market share accounted for a very large, once become the object of imitation of the same level brand.

This Masterpiece watch is certainly a classic Longines masterpiece, with a stainless steel case, 38.5mm diameter for adults, a dial decorated with a wheat grain, a large central three hands, a double calendar display at 3 o’clock, and a fully automatic winding movement with the original ETA 2836, with a stainless steel strap.

3、Tudor Turquoise Bay 1958

Tudor, as a subsidiary brand of Rolex, is mainly aimed at the low-end market. The quality of Tudor watches is comparable to that of Rolex, but the price is very affordable, so it can be said that the cost performance is very good. One of the most successful models of recent years is the Tudor Bayside, a vintage classic.

The Bayside 1958 is based on a Tudor 1958 dive watch, hence the name “1958”. The case is made of 316L stainless steel, has a diameter of 39mm, the most basic time display functions,replica watches uk a classic axe hand shape, an arched sapphire crystal, a Seagull 2824 automatic movement and a stainless steel bracelet.

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